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Journal Entry W/E 10/22/17

There will be an extended halt on trading activity – likely 3 to 4 weeks. The reason for the break is to allow myself some time to develop other aspects of the blog. It’s dawned on me that a large quantity of this blog content is geared towards people who have a fairly solid basic knowledge of the crypto space. I want to create an entirely separate information section aligned to the needs of beginners and crypto-illiterate folk; so that there is something for everyone who stumbles upon

The alt portfolio is fairly well diversified. It’s going into hodl mode – for now.

You can view the portfolio holdings here

Stay tuned



Journal Entry W/E 10/15/17

101617 608pm snapshot
Portfolio Snapshot as on 10/16/2017 at 6.08pm ET
10162017 cav
Portfolio Distribution 10/16/17

The Pie chart looks slightly more colorful this week since the portfolio has been diversified. Ripple (XRP) and Salt (SALT) were hasty and rushed buys during my work lunch break today. I say hasty and rushed because the entry prices turned out to be quite high, but I’ll get into that later. Hindsight is a great thing!

Stellar Lumens FOMO Story

Let me try and justify my psychological state today. News broke on Twitter via Coindesk, regarding the Stellar Lumens (XLM) partnership with IBM, in the early hours of Monday morning.

Read More

Stellar news breaks
This was big news for Lumens

I whipped out the laptop and logged into Bittrex just after skim reading this article above on my phone. It was 1am and I was half asleep but I had hazily read enough to realize that this story will shoot the price up considerably. 2FA was slow getting me in (excuses!) and the price was 40% up on the hour! That big green candle threw me off so much that it made me think the opportunity was lost a little. I threw in a bid about 10% under the current ask price and went back to sleep, thinking the hourly candle would pull back and trigger it. I was wrong.

Stellar FOMO Tweet
A final Tweet before sleep last night

My morning commute was slightly spoiled because the exchange order did not fill and the price had mooned circa 130%. Anyway, I shrugged it off – or at least thought so!

There was a lot of buzz around the Ripple Swell Conference in Toronto that led me to buy a chunk of XRP. This was a logical portfolio addition, and the fundamentals for Ripple are strong.

Then, upon browsing Bitcoin Markets on Bittrex, there was a super new trading pair – BTC:SALT. The price had rocketed circa 40% on the hour. Sound familiar? I ended up liquidating some ETH into BTC on the exchange so I could ride the wave. The price I ended buying at was shockingly bad – there was no short term value in it. Pretty much peak pump! It was a poor call executing such a trade under the time constraints of a lunch break but my emotional state was tainted from missing out on Lumens the night before. FOMO is Real  – and this time I allowed my judgment to be clouded

ETH:XRP Limit Buy
ETH:XRP Limit Buy
BTC:SALT Limit Buy
BTC:SALT Limit Buy

Lets see how it pans out over the next week and reevaluate. Technically this passage should be in the W/E 10/22/17 entry so we’ll come back to it a little later.

SALT Rate could have been worse. Check this out.

Panic Buy Salt
Some ridiculous early Bids/Asks filled. Two people bought with rate of 1 BTC to 1 SALT!
SALT Red Dildo
Because of this – the first hourly candle is the definition of a big red dildo

Talk about a panic buy. These traders either have money to burn or are plain stupid! Pot kettle black 🙂

As always, you can track all our transactions and holdings here



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Journal Entry W/E 10/8/17

No new additions or sells this week. Overall portfolio value is recovering nicely considering the market bloodbath since we started the quest.

101117 808pm snapshot
Portfolio snapshot as on 10/11/2017 8:08pm ET
10112017 cav
Portfolio Distribution 10/11/2017

The portfolio is heavily weighted towards Bitcoin and Ethereum – combined they account for 69.1% of total portfolio value, as per above pie chart.

Hodling Nexus, Edgeless and Safe Exchange long term.

It’s been a week that has ended with a strong Bitcoin price rally. BTC is moving towards the ATH, above USD$5,000, that was set on September 1st, 2017 – around about the time we bought into the market with our CAD$1,000. Altcoins suffered as money flowed into Bitcoin. The logical reason for this could be the impending split on Oct 25th. The success and profitability of the previous hard fork, which saw the creation of Bitcoin Cash, is still fresh in the memory. Traders are accumulating Bitcoin in anticipation for a similarly profitable event which will see them bag equivalent holdings in Bitcoin Gold.

October is a very active month for the development of Ethereum. The byzantium hard fork is the next major update and is scheduled to trigger in a few days. I expect this event to have a positive reflection on the short/medium term price of Ether. The changes are designed to improve transaction speeds, smart contract security and possibly help introduce privacy options. Read more.

Blue Magic Capital is a very informative resource. Here is an excerpt from their weekly blog entry within which they portray a fairly bearish sentiment towards the altcoin cryptomarket, for the short term at least.

“For the little investors, newcomers, and excited people that came here for amazing returns, my advice is this one: Save your fiat or BTC, save as much as you can for the next altcoin season. We’re in a very very similar situation as 2016 October (market dynamics, not total market cap), which means that probably there will be another “golden era” to invest in altcoins in a few months (buying the bottoms), and who knows maybe repeat similar returns of this year. That would be truly legendary, but definitely possible. After all, we’re in a Mega-Bull cycle, right? 😉Read more.

As always, you can track all our transactions and holdings here



The Coin Movement does not give out investment advice of any kind, only opinions…simple as!



Journal Entry W/E 10/01/17

is awarded to (4).png is an Ethereum smart contract-based Casino offering a 0% house edge. They claim that their casino concept will solve the casino transparency question once and for all.

Edgeless 0.1 was launched on Sep 28th. 800 pre registered users were allowed to trial the platform on  for the very first time and play some popular casino games like blackjack. The platform graphics look clean and modern.

Bid at bottom of wick 092517
Bid placed at bottom of wick on support line, Sep 25th
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.53.22 PM 2.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.59.58 PM 2
0.1 soft launch available to 800 registrants on mainnet
Unfortunately there was a server overload which caused the team to perform a server switch. The EDG price did not respond too well on the exchange.
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.56.41 PM 2.png
I bought EDG to the value of roughly 5% of my portfolio. One of my trading rules is to never place more than 20% of current portfolio value in one Alt position (other than BTC and ETH) This trade has not gone exactly as planned due to the failure of the soft launch and market reaction.
However, there promises to be news in October regarding the pending casino license for EDG. The price is sure to rocket if this license is granted. In the case that the wagering license is refused then i will have to consider exiting my position and taking a hit, albeit a small hit.
Hodling EDG for now and keeping an ear out for community developments/whispers this month.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 2.44.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.51.40 PM
Order filled 9/27/17
Many speculators/traders found it baffling that the price of NXS continued to tumble last week, despite the widely attended nexus earth conference and its apparent success. The bear trend has continued for now.
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 2.18.01 PM
Bearish downtrend continues
I’m, again, giving this one some time. Nexus Earth is massively ambitious – they aim to one day place cube satellites in space. NXS overall mission is to free human kind from centralized systems by ‘decentralizing the decentralization’ An interesting feature of NXS is that they have channelled the energy and resources usually wasted by miners to create a byproduct. Nexus operates on a scientific proof of work system, explained on nxsprime . The POW system finds clusters of prime numbers.

A quick snapshot of the portfolio showing two new coin additions this week.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.49.18 PM
Portfolio snapshot


You can track all our transactions and holdings here



The Coin Movement does not give out investment advice of any kind, only opinions…simple as!



Journal Entry W/E 9/24/17

SAFEX 092217


The more I read up about Safe Exchange and its future, the more I’m encouraged to go long on this token. This is why I actually ended up removing the stop/loss at 0.00000250. Its a fully decentralized  marketplace run entirely on a blockchain. Owners of the token will receive dividends paid out anonymously in a cryptocurrency called “Chille”. Do your own research on the project and you’ll see the potential. I will scale out and take profit, over the next few months. Definitely much bigger risk/reward ratio here.

SAFEX stopped out tweet
The Chille Dividend calculator release occurred on 9/24/17
SAFEX why remove stop
The bottom of the wick on daily candle was very close to activating stop/loss position. Too close for comfort.

There is a strong and transparent core developer team behind SAFEX. The chief architect sent this tweet out alluding to the fact that there was a new feature release. This is what initially prompted  analysis.

DanDabek SAFEX tweet092217

In terms of TA, the chart below shows almost 100% retracement from 60 day high. Bollinger bands narrowing, again signifying potential breakout.

Significant volume levels on Bittrex

It is also pertinent to mention that SAFEX is currently only trading on Bittrex. There is no news to date of further cryptocurrency exchanges adding SAFEX  yet.

You can  track all our transactions and holdings here.




The Coin Movement does not give out investment advice of any kind, only opinions…simple as!




Journal Entry W/E 9/17/17

**Update 9/16/17: Ask: 0.00082000 full order filled. Total ETH 0.28343390. Gains!**

BAT buy Details borderBAT buy cover 091017







I follow @BrendanEich, the CEO of a privacy browser called Brave. Basic attention token is the asset behind Braves’ attention services platform and a development upgrade is imminent. BAT Mercury upgrade is scheduled for Summer 2017 release, according to the Brave roadmap. The upgrade adds significant functionality to the brave browser. The Tweet below speaks for itself and the release is sure to see a surge in price for BAT, which has been bobbing along recently.

BrendanEich Close Mercury

Amongst other T.A. signals, narrowing Bollinger Bands on 9/10/17 could be a foresight to a  sharp advance or decline. There might be a breakout here. I will hold for a week for a ROI circa 18%.

Basic Attention Token Chart 091017

You can  track all our transactions and holdings here.




The Coin Movement does not give out investment advice of any kind, only opinions…simple as!


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