The Quest Begins – I start with $1,000 of my own cash and invest it in the Cryptocurrency Markets.

It may not be “a small loan of a million dollars”, but $1,000 is a chunk of change, and it’s coming from my own pocket.


Quest is an apt choice of wording because there is no measurable end goal here. I’m going to purchase $1,000 CAD worth of digital assets with the simple hope of turning it into something bigger. The quest may well continue for 6 months, a year, maybe 2 years or possibly more. That’s because there is no set end date for this journey – the aim of the project being to grow the portfolio as much as possible, for the foreseeable future and to take you all along with me. I will justify every trading decision made; take profit from the winners and learn from the losers.

This is not a case of kissing $1,000 CAD goodbye. Yes, there is an element of risk involved with the market being so volatile. That’s why it’s so important that I use my own funds for this expedition, so I make well thought out decisions and veer away from hunch based knee jerking.

Before I go any further, there are two important side notes that need to be made very clear to anybody following this blog and the trades. Firstly, this is exclusively a digital asset portfolio. The initial purchase will be the first and last time that I use fiat currency. Secondly, anything you read on, or any affiliated links, does not constitute investment advice. You are responsible for your own investment decisions, as are we.

Soon The Coin Movement will begin. The next blog post will be about my setup. As you are probably already aware, security is key in this environment and the correct structures must be in place from the very beginning to adequately protect any digital portfolio.

I have no doubt that this will be a profitable adventure. Early followers will be rewarded so stay tuned!

Cathal Byrne – The Coin Movement