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When I go to the press conference before the game, in my mind the game has already started.

José Mourinho, being very Mourinho-esque!


Gameweek one was an extremely high scoring week in which the average score was 53 and many managers registered over 100 points. Wingbacks were the star men that propped up such high scores with Andrew Robertson, Benjamin Mendy, Marcos Alonso, Patrick Van Aanholt, Luke Shaw, and last weeks budget pick Aaron Wan-Bissaka all registering double figures.

The gameweek 2 deadline is 11:30 on August 18th.

Every gameweek we’ll ask a league member or an FPL veteran to provide their choice of player in 6 key areas, relating to the upcoming fixtures. This weeks predictions are served up courtesy of FPL strategy expert and fellow TCM Litecoin League participant – Dara Curran. Follow Dara on Twitter (@TheTinkerMen) for the latest under-the-radar insights into past and future player performance and scoring analysis.

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Essential: Benjamin Mendy (MCI v hud)

Benjamin Mendy rewarded manager with a clean sheet, two assists and 3 bonus points in GW1. With a favourable home tie v Huddersfield in GW2 he looks odds-on to return another clean sheet. I wouldn’t be expecting the same huge returns every week but there’s certainly the potential there over the next 6 GWs

Nice to have: Harry Kane £12.5m (TOT v ful)

We all know what Harry Kane can do. The golden boot winner doesn’t need asking where the goal is. Despite being selected by over 30% of managers at present, many found it difficult to squeeze both Kane and Salah into their teams and with his late return from the world cup many started the season without him. It would be nice to have him for this weekends fixture v Fulham where he will be aiming to break the August curse at Wembley.

Differential: Dele Alli £9.0m (TOT v ful)

Dele Alli was possibly a surprise inclusion in the Spurs lineup for GW1 given England playing in the final week of the World Cup. Selected by only 5.2% of managers he popped up with a goal. Spurs take on Fulham this weekend who conceded 10 shots on target in the opening game to Crystal Palace.

Clean Sheet (Team) – Manchester City (MCI v hud)

Man City are at home to Huddersfield this weekend. They had the worst xG of any team in GW1 (0.28) against Chelsea. It would also be a good idea to own a Man City defender not just for this weekend but for their upcoming 6 games where they play the 3 newly promoted teams this season as well as the 3 promoted teams from last season.

Budget Option: Ricardo Pereira £5.0m (LEI v wol)

This may not be scraping the bottom of the barrel here but at £5.0m Ricardo Pereira plays out of position (OOP) on the right wing and picked up an assist v Man Utd in the opening game. His advanced position may yield further FPL attacking returns as well as clean sheet potential.

Captain Choice: Agueroooooooooo! (MCI v hud)

It’s a slightly tougher choice this weekend. Salah’s Liverpool takes on a well organised Crystal Palace team. Elsewhere Harry Kane plays against Fulham but provided Pep indicates Aguero will start at the weekend the armband surely must be on him. We all know the Argentinian is capable of scoring big hauls and if you can’t captain Aguero for this kind of game then when will you ever captain him?


League Points Scoring:

  • Conor Twomey leads the way with 104 points overall on a very high scoring gameweek.
  • Salah was the most captained player with 18 teams choosing him.
  • 24 out of the 29 mini league teams finished the gameweek scoring above the overall fpl average of 53 points.


  • We have 30 entrants and counting – fantastic!
  • The league is open for for further entries until the gameweek 2 deadline on August 18th
  • After GW2 the league will definitively close for the season.

Prize distribution:

  • We will have an overall prize pool of roughly 3.6 Litecoin!
  • The deadline for payment is extended to allow those of you verifying accounts with coinbase some extra time to complete.
  • End of Season payout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as things stand.


  • Entry is 0.12 LTC
  • Instructions here
  • The Litecoin wallet address for sending payment is Leu1AksPGJNmw9wM11SCRrRGtdAVTzbVFR


Litecoin Price update:

Adoption News:

  • Venezuela will roll out a government issued oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro(PTR) on August 20th, 2018.
  • The country will now have two recognized national currencies – Petro and the Sovereign Bolivar (which continues to suffer catastrophic hyperinflation).
  • PTR price will be correlated with one barrel of Venezuelan crude oil. More info.

Coin of the Week:

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token that aims to revolutionize the way online advertising works
  • BAT and the Brave browser are the brainchild of Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox.
  • The token is exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users in a manner that rewards users for online attention and pays publishers for their content – a very interesting concept and sure to be a game-changer in the advertising sector. More info.

Tweet of the week:


  • Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC). It will soon be available to buy through Coinbase which will increase exposure, volume and interest.
  • Sell Bitconnect (BCC). Surely you don’t own any, but just in case. Bitconnect is a massive ponzi scheme that shafted many.
  • Hodl Bitcoin (BTC). This should go without saying. The BTC price is down 70% in value from the ATH (all time high) in Dec 17/Jan 18.



Are you struggling to comprehend some or any of the above? Open decryptionary in a new browser tab, to look up an explanation of a term you’re unsure of e.g. HODL. I’m trying to ease you all gently into the crypto sphere!

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Best of luck for the upcoming gameweek and stay tuned,

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Dara – @TheTinkermen

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