Litecoin League (1)

The first ever Global Litecoin (LTC) Fantasy Football League (FPL) will begin August 10, 2018.

Crypto and FPL; two of my favourite things – united at last. They’re much the same really!

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Here’s a little overview of whats going to happen over the next 38 Gameweeks. Each Gameweek (GW) there will be a The Coin Movement (TCM) Litecoin FPL specific blog post and Newsletter. The format will be divided evenly between crypto news and FPL news.

The crypto section will be in an EILI5 style (5- year-old friendly language), so that beginners can understand what is being said.  It’ll take a look back at the biggest market cap losers and gainers; and will also include a hot coin of the week, for those of you interested in investing or trading.

On the FPL side, there’ll be a quick recap of the league standings and previous weeks fixtures along with predictions for upcoming games.

The LTC wallet is going to be full of Litecoin and, hopefully, Litecoin will increase in value considerably over the next 9 months or so which means the pot grows in value.

# Name Price Changes 1H Changes 24H Price Graph
Bitcoin Cash
Binance Coin

The prices change every second as the crypto market is always open.

Find the current LTC in the price chart above. Click the Litecoin symbol at any given time for more information on the coin itself.

The Public Key for the pool fund is Leu1AksPGJNmw9wM11SCRrRGtdAVTzbVFR and you can view our balance on

An entry fee of 0.12 LTC can be submitted on/before August 9, 2018. See my instructions below of how to register with Coinbase and purchase Litecoin using your Debit/Credit card. If you are having trouble registering with Coinbase an alternative way of paying the fee would be to purchase Litecoin from Changelly (see details below) and having the LTC sent to your own wallet address (get your own wallet by downloading the desktop wallet) The minimum spend on Changelly is $50 USD.

Below is the preferred path to payment if you do not yet own any Litecoin:

Register with Coinbase and purchase some Litecoin using your Debit/Credit card.

  1. Click here to see if Coinbase is supported in your country.
  2. Coinbase automatically sets the user up with a secure Litecoin wallet. Every wallet has a Public Key/address, which is basically your identity on the blockchain.
  3. To send Litecoin to the pool fund wallet, simply go to your “LTC Wallet” select “send”, choose your amount (0.12 LTC), paste the public key of the receiver (Leu1AksPGJNmw9wM11SCRrRGtdAVTzbVFR) into the address section and select “confirm”.
  4. Shoot an email to to say the funds have been sent and what your LTC address is. You can find out your LTC address by selecting “Receive” on your LTC wallet. You will receive an email from confirming receipt of your funds. Please note, monthly and overall prizes will be sent to that same LTC address supplied unless requested otherwise by the player.

Prize distribution really does depend on the number of entries.

I’m hoping to attract a minimum of fifty people to register so that we can comfortably do rewards for a monthly high score, end of season top 3 and then possibly a knockout cup competition for 2019.

Please spread the word and share the league code or this post, so that we can reach 50+ teams!


I’ll need help with this on both the crypto and FPL side.

Hit me up on Twitter! We can be friends.

Stay Tuned,

Cathal – The Coin Movement

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